I was a bit wrong about SWFAddress

Yesterday I was granted a comment by one of the developers of SWFAddress, pointing the fact that I was not using the latest version of SWFAddress and that was indeed true. So I started the day, thinking that my problem would be solved. So I got the latest version and tried it. Well it did not work either. But don’t let go so easily so I put some time into it.

First at SWFAddress they are using SWFObject 2 beta 3, I was using beta 4. But in beta 4, SWFObject is used as a static method. I think that will mean a lot of changes for the guys at Asual. Anyway, I downgraded my version to beta 3(which is not very logic) and tried once more. It didn’t work again. I tried with Explorer, Firefox, Opera, nothing worked. I then decided to mess with the code. I did calls from the externalInterface in flash to a javascript alert function. With all that I found that the SWFAddress.value was never initialized and it did a check for that before executing the setValue function. If I removed the check, I could now use the back button, which is half what I want to use it for.

I don’t know if it is my setup, I always have an external preloader; the SWF that includes SWFAddress ActionScript, is loaded in the preloader. Maybe this is what disrupts it from working, I don’t know. My point for all this is, yes I was wrong, SWFAddress will work with SWFObject; eventually.


  1. #1 by Rostislav - October 17th, 2007 at 09:26

    The CS3 sample has been updated to swfobject 2 beta 4 and should work fine in every browser. Do you experience any issues with it or you have problems with your project only?

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