Papervision3D 2.0 – Great White – is out

Today the newest version of papervision3d was released. It’s the alpha for the 2.0 version and the code name is Great White. It has a ton of new features like shaders, animated models,  shading, bumpmaping, frustrum camera etc. Tons of words I don’t understand yet, but what is more important to me is that it’s faster; in fact it’s supposed to be about 23% faster.

It’s funny because just last weak I was trying it out, I started with version 1.5, then I went to version 1.7. Two days later I was reading the forums and I kept reading about the Phunky Branch, so I tried it, it was version 1.9. Now just one week later version 2.0 is out, I guess I’ll have to switch again. It seems like a lot as changed in the Great White branch so I suggest reading this articles by John Grden about how to upgrade current papervision3d projects.

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