The end of the SWFAddress saga

There I was this morning trying to make a simple example of my problem with SWFAddress. In order to do so I had to grab back the ActionScript part from the source because I had messed with mine. I go to the website and see that it has been modified since yesterday, but still I grab it, must not be so different. I do my example and there, it works fine. I say to myself, well, I’ll try that ActionScript with my main project. I just replaced the file, recompiled the swf and uploaded everything and then everything worked perfectly, not just half way like the day before.

Well I don’t know what the people working at Asual did, but they solved my problem. They also did very well manage their public image. I got two comments indicating me where I should look to solve my problem, and now I end up writing a good post about them. If I would have been them, well I would have done exactly the same thing. You have to have a good reputation on the web, because what is written will stay written for a very long time, that is the long tail.

My project will take a long time before it is completed because it involves 3D videos and green screen, I really hope that by then I’ll be able to work with stable version for both SWFObject and SWFAddress. Right now it’s a bit silly for me to be working with betas.  Anyway I say good work to the people making SWFAddress.

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