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Flash and Flex SEO experiment part 2

I had previously made an SEO experiment to see what in Flash and in Flex was getting indexed by Google and I was able to get some results. Well, I decided to push the experiment further so I created seven new test cases both in Flash and in Flex. I have to warn you that I am more proficient in Flash than in Flex so my Flex test cases might be a bit off. Here are the new test cases (numbers start at 8 because I have already made 7 test cases):

Flash8.  Static texfield embedded in the HTML using SWFObject 2.0

Link :

Expected result: I really don’t know, some rumors say it gets indexed anyway, Google says it doesn’t; this will shed some light.

 9. Multiple static textfield on different frames

Link :

Expected result: From what I have seen before, Google will index the multiple texfields as if it was one text, so you could write a text with one word on each frame and it will appear as one.

10. Dynamic textfield prefilled with content after a preloader on the first frame

Link :

Expected result: I did this to see if the preloader would prevent the content from being indexed. Since Google is able to index Flex content with the default preloader, I think this test case will get indexed.

11.  Dynamic textfield outside the viewing area

Link :

Expected result: I read that this was working, but with the new special player it shouldn’t. Let see what happens.


12.  Simple custom MXML component


Expected result: I saved a Text component in its own MXML file and used that file in my main application. I think this will work because logically it’s like writing the second file(custom component) in the first one (application).

13.  Using States

Link :

Expected result: I don’t think any of the content from this swf will be indexed because states use the words addChild in its mxml and I think(logically) this gets translated into the addChild function in AS3 and content added using addChild doesn’t get indexed.

14. Using the ViewStack component

Link :

Expected result: I think this has more chances to work than states but since this is a more complex component than the Text one I cannot say for sure.

Now that everything is set up, we just have to wait for Google to crawl those pages. The results and a general recap of the experiment will be posted in an article on InsideRIA.

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