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I got a scoop; Google Analytics Events are out!

Don’t know about bloggers not being journalists and all but I sure feel like one with this premium scoop.

Google released today a forum for their analytic counterpart and I had already a question waiting for them: Why with all the documentation being available about it since at least February haven’t you released the Event tracking? But before you ask a question like that, with that tone, you check what you are asking. So I go in my Google Analytics account and under the Content section there it was, just lying there, waiting for me to discover it : Event Tracking (don’t know if this has been released officially, but I have seen it on 2 different GA account so far).

What’s up with all this fuss? We could already somehow track events using pageTracker._trackPageview.

You are right, but being able to track events as a separate thing than a pageview is really important.  Not that much for a website completely made in Flash with only one HTML page, but for anything else, it sure is important. You see, when you use pageTracker._trackPageview to track events, the statistics you gather that way counts as pageviews while they are not really, so it kinda skews all your results. You can still draw conclusions from them, but it is not as precise.

With pageTracker._trackEvent, there is a distinction between event and pageview so it doesn’t skew your data. Plus the _trackEvent methodhas 4 parameters giving you more options about what you want to track.These parameters are the category, the action, the label and the value; more informations about them in Google’s documentation.

There are tons of stuff that would be appropriate to track with events like the answer of a quiz, which track in your MP3 player is most played etc. For Flash, any action you want to track and is not really a page can be tracked that way. You could have done that before using a database and server-side scripting, but it is much more convient to not have to bother with that and to have all your stats in one single place.

I am going tracking this minute. What are you going to track?

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The PureMVC presentation video is live

The presentation I did the other day is now live and I am quite happy with the results. Well I sound like a robot( I guess nobody likes hearing is own voice) and some of the technical limitations (no webcam, audio delay, not having control of my slides) have impaired my performance, but for a first public speech, I’m pretty happy with it.

Also, as a note to myself, next time I do something like this I will inform myself better on which audience I will present to; I think the audience present at the time of the conference had already a good knowledge of the PureMVC framework and my presentation might have been a bit too light. I hope it serves greater purpose as a video than as the live thing.

Here it is; I start speaking at 16:00.

The PureMVC Pirate Internet Radio Conference Takeover

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Myself in the PureMVC Pirate Internet Radio Conference

That is right, in a bit more than 6 hours, if you head to this address:

you will see me present some of the work I did on the two Home Depot projects we had at Twist Image. I’ll mostly be exposing how using a framework like PureMVC can change how you think and develop an application or website and why we came to choose this particular framework.

I am very excited about this opportunity and I am a bit stressed out at the same time. It’s been a long time since I did a presentation ( back while I was in school) and this is a bit different since I’ll be broadcasting from my desk using a webcam; it will be weird presenting while sat down but I think I’ll do fairly good.

Lastly, I’ve been watching a lot of the TV show The Wire so I hope I don’t slip too much slang words in there.

So again if you want to watch it its tomorrow November 19th at 12h30 (3h30 PST)

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Show your support for PureMVC; Donate a click!

If you use PureMVC and you like it I suggest you head to insideRIA and vote for it on this week poll. I have multiple reasons to ask you to do this.

First off I think it’s a great project and it deserves the attention. More attention means more people might start using it and might get involved which can only be good for the project.

Also, we started using PureMVC on 3 different projects (one being HomeDepot – redefining floors) and I use it in a personal project and I really like it. I developed some skills with it and if PureMVC does well, those skills are going to be more valuable. Also, the people at my jobs might not be so happy if in the near future PureMVC would just crumble (which I don’t think could happen), I would have made them invest expertise in something that would have been shortermed.

Lastly, PureMVC is one off the few framework that support both Flash or Flex based project and that is really important for me; so go ahead, give PureMVC some love.

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