Flex SEO Contest; I’m running out of titles

All my latest post have been about the Flex SEO contest, I’m sorry for those that don’t have interest in it, but I find it very challenging and fun.

From all the information that I have gathered from the web I have new insights about how to win this contest. If I was one of the other contestant of the contest I’d be sure to read my blog because I am giving info about how to win this contest all the time.

There are two major facts you have to know. First Google doesn’t index flash files that are embedded using JavaScript (I got this from different sources and Google itself). They are planning to do it, but it’s not implemented yet. So if you want to have a shot at winning, start by embedding your flash the old fashion way with embed/object tags. Secondly, even if the special flash player is able to read data from external source (XML, server side scripts, loaded SWF), Google is not indexing those as a part of the swf file. So you’ll have to use a different way to load your dynamic content (that doesn’t leave so many possibilities).

Another interesting fact is that for searches with the filetype swf (filetype:swf) Google is giving some importance to the url and the filename of the swf file. So if I really wanted to make things right, I would rename my Flex application for the contest fleximagically-searchable.swf, but I’ll wait until my content is indexed.

So in the light of these facts, I have modified my fleximagically searchable Flex application, go and have a look, it’s a so exciting application.

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  1. #1 by polyGeek - July 23rd, 2008 at 11:55

    I like the thoroughnesses of your experimentation. Try a host of different approaches and see what sticks. I think the first big question we need answered as regarding the embedding issue. I’m going to stick with SWFobject/address for now because I’m interested in seeing how my experiment turns out in a ‘real world’ test. If we can’t use tools like this to manage our sites then we’re kinda screwed. :-)

    Right now I’m just frustrated because the Google bot hasn’t been back to my site since it’s first pass – Aug. 13. I wish Google had a tool to let you index your own site just to see what it would look like in their results.

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