How to improve your Technorati authority: Put SEO in your title

I have been writing a lot of post lately about search engine optimization for flash and one thing I observed was that every time I put SEO in the title of my post, I get one random link that counts in my Technorati autorithy.

Now I guess I should mention that usually this is not a really valuable link. Most of the time it’s a link for a scrapper site; a site that research the internet and create post based on other’s content. I don’t think any human is involved in the content of those site. They are done in order to do money from ads on them without having to create any content. What is funny is that a lot of them are about SEO. My guess is that people that understand how Google works created these sites and the first subject that came to their mind is what they know: SEO.

As for Technorati autorithy, in my opinion it’s not something that’s worth too much. I mean I wouldn’t write something just to improve my authority. I also don’t know if its a really good metric; my artcile on InsideRIA had a link to my blog and it didn’t even raise my authority. How much visitors did technorati brung you in the last most anyway? Me, none.

But for those of you who cares about Technorati authority and don’t care where it comes from, now you know one way to improve it. As for me I guess my authority will increase.


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