More on the Flex SEO contest

If you have been following this blog, you know that I entered the contest to get a Flex application on the top of Google for the words “Fleximagically Searchable”. The next logic step was for me to add deep-linking to my application, but it’s not what I am going to do. Why you could ask? Because even if the webpage for my application is appearing on Google, the content itself doesn’t seem to be included. So there is no meaning of implementing deep-linking if my content won’t be found.

There have been rumors around the fact the Google would not reference website that use javascript to embed the flash file. Peter Elst seems to think the contrary but I think it is worth a try. I was previously using SWFObject to embed my swf because I had in mind to use SWFAddress for the deep-linking, but now if you do a view source of my Fleximagically Searchable application you will see that I am using the good old Object and Embed tags. Let’s see what Google think of the new page.

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