Mutant Farm, on your LCD Screens soon

Since it is complete enough that I can show it, here is a project I have been working on for a little while now: Mutant Farm; A game where all sheep are evil.

I have done it in ActionScript 3 and it gave me much content to write about like the post about ActionScript 3 and interfaces.

It’s obviously not completed but it will soon be there. My objectives with that game was first to learn ActionScript 3,  second to try to make a bit of money and third to drive traffic to my blog. The first objective as already been achieved but for the two others we will soon see to which extent I will achieve them. I intend also to release the code when the game will be forgotten (or something like that).

Here is what is on my check list to improve the game:

  •  add a preloader with sponsors and a link to
  • add the story before the first level
  • improve all graphics (menu, in game, UI)
  • add music (menu, in game)
  • add better sounds
  • implement the between level upgrades that you can buy
  • add high score mechanics and maybe a survival mode
  • add more levels and critters
  • add more weapons like grenades and the Ancient Artifact

Right now there is 4 levels and the fourth one is way too hard but it’s going to be easier when you will be able to buy upgrades.

So go  play it now: Mutant Farm and fell free to leave me any comments about the game.


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