My article on Flash SEO on InsideRIA

Well I wanted to mention that one of my article was posted on InsideRIA. That was a great opportunity for me and I am already thinking about another article I could write for them. There is actually a good story (in my opinion) to tell about this.

I was at first writing a longuer article, about 6 pages or more long, on how Google was indexing Flash content. I was thinking that I could write it at the same pace that I write a post for my blog but I was wrong. I really wanted to write it in a professional way which is a bit different from this blog which I write in a more casual manner. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and when I am pressured to do something I actually end up post-ponning it indefinitively. Well, in the mean time of all this post-ponning, Google changed its algorithm, so my artcile was good for garbage. That was my fault, because I had many occasions to finish my artcile and I just didn’t.

But there was a good side to this story too; if Google changed its algorithm, it means that I could write an article about it. That`s what I did but this time I wrote it in a more casual way and I didn`t care how long it would end up. So it gave: Google changes the way it indexes SWF content. As for now, I will start to try to write a longuer article and we will see where that ends up.

 In the mean time, enjoy my half-done redesign!

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