My views on FITC Toronto 2008

I came back this week from FITC Toronto and I can say this; I am tired as hell (well a bit less now since I slept 14 hours last night).

I will start with the bad stuff I have to say and end up with the good stuff. I think I had too big expectation before going to the conference. I thougth I would come back changed, I thougth it would revolutionalize the way I program. Well it did that a bit but on a much smaller scale. I keep myself pretty informed about what is going on in the Flash community so the conference might have more effects on someone who doesn’t. Also I think I did wrong choices in the presentations I went to see at first so I’ll share guide lines when doing such choices.

First since the presentations are only one hour, don’t go see something on a topic you already know about. They are going to introduce it so you will loose half of the presentation on something you already know. Choose something you are completely unaware of over something you already know. Second designer are way better speakers than programmers; keep that in mind.

The good stuff: FITC is a very well organized conference, everything is on time, good speakers and great parties. Here is a list of things I want to check further:

The new stuff: A lot of presenter worked at Adobe so we got sneak peek of new features that will be present in the next version of Flash. First the way you do timeline animations will be changed a lot. The interface to modify tweens will look a lot like the interface in After Effects. You will be able to assigned a different easing function to different properties being modified in one tween. Bones for animation will also be available(you must already know this). Since the last update, the flash player uses multicores to render a frame. You won’t have the possibility to do threads or parralele programming in the next versionof flash, but you will be able to send computations to Hydra(pixel shader language) which will be run on either multicores or GPU. I also caught I glimpse that maybe we will get the profiler in the FLash IDE also. I really hope the last one will come true.

Well that is it, I really hope I will get to go back there next year.


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