Show your support for PureMVC; Donate a click!

If you use PureMVC and you like it I suggest you head to insideRIA and vote for it on this week poll. I have multiple reasons to ask you to do this.

First off I think it’s a great project and it deserves the attention. More attention means more people might start using it and might get involved which can only be good for the project.

Also, we started using PureMVC on 3 different projects (one being HomeDepot – redefining floors) and I use it in a personal project and I really like it. I developed some skills with it and if PureMVC does well, those skills are going to be more valuable. Also, the people at my jobs might not be so happy if in the near future PureMVC would just crumble (which I don’t think could happen), I would have made them invest expertise in something that would have been shortermed.

Lastly, PureMVC is one off the few framework that support both Flash or Flex based project and that is really important for me; so go ahead, give PureMVC some love.

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