SWFAddress 2.1 and the new Google Analytics Tracker

I had made a previous post about how to integrate the new Google Analytics Tracker and SWFAddress. It wasn’t obvious but it was fairly easy. I guess people really asked for an even easier way to do it because the new javascript code(ga.js) now works with SWFAddress without indicating to it that you are not using the Urchin tracker. As a matter of fact, with the release of SWAddress 2.1 earlier this week, the support for the ga.js tracker is one of the update. Other updates include a lot of fixes for the SEO examples and also the AS2 and AS3 classes are now in the com.asual.swfaddress.

I really have to look into the SEO  example that was released along version 2.0. It is one of my goal for the next month along to getting to know PureMVC better.

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