zedia.net blog is one year old

Just a quick post to celebrate the fact that today, this blog turns one. I never really knew where this would lead but I can say that I have no regrets and that it blew all my expectations. What I am mostly surprised of is that at school I did not like to write at all and here I am writing weekly on my blog.

In term of stats I wrote 92 posts and received 148 comments.  Each month I receive about 10 000 visits for a grand total of 59 000 visits for the entire year. My goal was to reach 10k visits a month  by January 1st 2009, but I already reached that. I guess I will end up the year with about 12k – 13k visits a month.

In terms of posts,  I think the kind of content I am posting is changing a bit. At first I was mostly posting about some quick fixes I had found to solve a small problem. But more and more I am writing posts explaining some concept. I think that is good, but at the same time those articles take more time to write.

I want to write more than what I did in the last 3 months, because my posting had dropped to less than one a week… A lot of factors explain this, but my blog now stands in my list of priorities. As a matter of fact we might even see a much need redesign soon.

Well stay tuned as this will get better and better.

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