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Last Thursday I did my presentation on Google Analytics for Flash for SWFMontreal and it went really well. I learned 2 things while doing it. First that I should practice presenting out loud before doing my real presentation because it just better than practicing in my head. Secondly that a bomb threat in the Montreal metro can really decimate the audience. As a matter of fact, since there was the previously mentioned threat, the attendance to the user group was greatly reduced (15 people instead of 50). That was sad, but there was nothing I could do. I still wanted to post my slides so here they are.

On the same note, I received my copy of the Flash & Flex developer’s magazine where my article on Google Analytics For Flash was published and it feels very nice to see my own work in paper. They forgot to put my bio where I mention this blog, but I think they will fix this on my next article on TubeLoc. Can’t wait to see it.

Here is the verbatim from my slides

Google Analytics For Flash – Presentation Transcript

1. Google Analytics for Flash
2. Dominic Gélineau Flash developer Analytics, Animation, SEO Blog: Twitter: WE ARE HIRING
3. Why care about analytics? Because it’s cool To provide data to your clients on the impact of what you are doing To give you feedback on the effectivness of your work
4. Why Google Analytics? It’s free It’s widely used It has a concept called event It now has a library just for Flash
5. Basic concepts about web analytics PageViews Events
6. PageViews The PageViews model is based on the HTML version of a web page The real idea behind a pageView is NAVIGATION In HTML this is sent automaticaly every time the user changes or refresh the pageIn Flash we have to do this manually We should try and keep the same syntax as HTML for consistency
7. Events The real idea behind events is INTERACTION Whenever you want to track something that is not related to navigation you should use an event. In Google Analytics Events are not enabled for all profiles est
8. Google Analytics for Flash Library Just search Google for «Google Analytics for Flash»
9. How to install it Flex and Flash CS4 can import SWC Flash CS3 can’t Download the library from SVN Put the SWC file in this folder: C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Adobe Flash CS3\\language\\Configuration\\Components Macintosh HD:Applications:Adobe Flash CS3:Configuration:Components
10. Sample Code import; import; var _tracker:AnalyticsTracker = new GATracker ( main, “UA-7777777-7”, “AS3”); _tracker.trackPageview(yourSectionName + “/”);
11. More on Events _tracker.trackEvent(“English”, “Client Quiz”, “Question 3”, value); Category, Action, Label, valueOnly the two first are mandatory Value is an integer No standards, no real guidelines
12. 2 Modes: AS3 vs Bridge The library can work in two modes, AS3 or Bridge. Each of them has there advantages.
13. AS3 Mode Stand Alone mode Doesn’t require javascript Usefull for full Flash website Usefull when you don’t control the HTML that wraps the swf like for widgets or games
14. Bridge Mode var _tracker:AnalyticsTracker = new GATracker (main, “window.PageTracker”, “Bridge”); Integrates better when the Flash part of a website is minor Enables more of the Google Analytics API like E-commerce allowScriptAccess = always
15. Visual Debug var _tracker:AnalyticsTracker = new GATracker (main, “UA-7777777-7”, “AS3”, true);   One of the coolest features of GA for Flash Permits you to see in real time what is being sent to Google Clear advantage over the old way, which was to wait 3 hours and check to see if everything worked
16. Visual Debug Screenshot
17. What should you track Too much is like not enough Tracking errors is really helpful
18. One draw back The library will add 40k to your project Might not be the best thing for all project Like banners
19. Links  Google Code –  Developer group – flash?pli= 1  Adobe Max presentation on GA for Flash –
20. Questions?
21. Thank you Dominic Gélineau

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  1. #1 by Gareth - June 4th, 2009 at 10:54

    Some great information here thank you, i have no idea you could integrate google analytics so well into a Flash site.

  2. #2 by chris - September 20th, 2009 at 19:09

    great content – found your site from the bio on Tubeloc article. trying to get under the hood of this – there seems to be many flash and flex video players.

    Would like to know how a user can enter in Youtube video id to play a particular video on my site – not something hard coded. Any ideas on how this could be handled much appreciated.


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