Online Awards for Flash Websites

I compiled a small list of award websites at work and I tought it would be usefull to share it here too. I didn’t test any of those yet, so I don’t know which give the best results in term of traffic and visibility but here is what I have right now:

Favorite website awards (you have to pay) (25 words desc)

Dope awards (35 words desc)

Design Licks

Best Web Gallery

Design Flavr (needs a screenshot of at least 523px)

Design Snack (needs a screenshot 389 x 180px)

101 best websites (requires login)

Inspiration Up

Website Design Awards


Creative Website Awards

Mowsnet Web Awards


Another Bookmark

Refresh links (nothing new since may 2008)

Flash in the pan (seems outdated nov 2008)

Flash Blasted (seems outdated nov 2008)

Flash Galleria (seems outdated)

New Web Pick (requires a login and does not seem so relevant)

I classified them by relevance from my first impression,  so as you go down the list, the less relevant and usefull becomes the link. This list will have to be updated as  I compile results from them.

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  1. #1 by Will - February 27th, 2009 at 22:02

    Nice one! Bookmarked.

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