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I invented a new art form!

Ok maybe not, but I got this idea while traveling in the train in Europe. This has nothing to do with Flash, but still I thought it was a pretty cool idea and I wanted to put it out there. The idea came from two fairly new technologies and mixing them together. What it would result is some kind of sculpture/performance art form. It could look very similar to this ad from Apple ( keep the painting of 3D strokes in mind):

The first technology that would be needed would be motion capture. So nothing really new here; motion capture has been fairly well mastered. It would be used to record the movements of a performer be it a dancer or an acrobat. I was thinking of mostly recording the movements of each fingers, because the hand is what we humans have most controls over.

The second technology would be augmented reality. So you got this room in a museum or anywhere and when people get in it they receive the augmented reality glasses. What is added to the user’s vision is the 3D strokes that the performer would have recorded with the motion capture. So as the user moves around the room he can explore the 3D light sculpture ( because the computer knows the position and inclination of the user’s glasses he can display the right part of the 3D structure). Also the sculpture could be animated showing it as it is being created (since it was recorded it is just a matter of playing it). Now augmented reality is not that perfect yet, I am not sure that the glasses could send precise enough location of the user to have a seamless experience but I think that soon we could have something that is close enough.

So there you have it, this is basically painting in the air, in 3D. My idea of brush was exactly like what was in the Apple commercial, but you could have as many brushes has you want since it is basically the 3D program that creates them over the motion capture. I think a lot of artists would be really inspired by this as it removes the need for a tool (pen or brush) because you would use your body directly to express yourself.

Do you guys think this idea is worth anything?

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An FWA and no posts

Yeah, things have been different lately. I haven’t been able to write as much as I wanted. Multiple reasons for that; I have been going back to Montreal some week-ends, I went to Lollapalooza (and it was awesome) and the work load is a bit bigger here. But it’s worth it. I mean the projects I get to work on are amazing.

Just as an example my first project Google Chrome Fastball was pretty cool, plus it won an FWA, a first for me and I am pretty happy about it. Now I just need to win one for a Flash project… Anyway, by the end of the month, I will be done with the current project, so I will have that to show, and after that I really want to focus more on this blog and get back on the one post a week horse.

More on my current project soon.


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The finishing switch

Sometimes I get some ideas that are not that much tied to code, but are more about the process of developing website. I still think this is relevant to this blog so that is why I will post them here.


Ad agency or a business where deadlines are tight and project are from 1 month to 2 months long


When a project is long enough and the pressure is high, the developer (the last worker at the end of the chain) can’t stand looking at his work anymore, gets tired and unmotivated. This is not good for the project and for the individual as he is not happy.

Possible solutions

Here his my idea: if you could start two projects of about the same timeline at the same time, then at some point in time during the projects (about at 75%), you switch the developers from one project to the other. You would probably loose some time because the new developer would need to get accustomed to the new project, but in return you would inject some new energy in the project. The new developer would probably think more about the project than the previous one who would be demotivated and not caring as much anymore.

Why do this on 2 projects at the same time? Because finishing a project is probably not the best part.  If you do a switch, both developers would have started and finished a project so it would be fair for every one. Now, there might not always be 2 projects at the same time of about the same length, so one of my coworkers suggested that you could have this floating finisher developer, that for a little while only finishes projects and after that get puts back into the loop of starting projects. Another possibility would be to hire freelancers to help finish a project, in that case I wouldn’t let the freelancer alone, but it would still instill new energy.

For the 2 options where you are doing this in house, you pretty much need your developers to be very close, code in a similar manner and respect each other (coding knowing that someone else will use your code) so I don’t think this could happen everywhere, but I think the culture of your company should push towards a strong  developer fraternity, anyway.

What do you guys think? Is this possible? Would you see this happening in your company? Is this how you would fix this problem?



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