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2010 in recap

I wanted to sit and write this for a long time. The problem is that this year it is not as straight forward as the past two years, for multiple reasons. First, I have been working a lot lately which kinda pains me a bit, but I guess it comes with working in New York. The workload has impacted how much I could commit to this blog, I wrote 39 posts this year compared to 43 last year (ok not a huge difference, but still I wanted to write one post a week). Secondly, the last two years, making a recap of the year was pretty easy, everything went well and the path forward was clear. I mean everything went pretty well this year too, I got hired by the best production company in the world (B-Reel), in New York to top it and I got to work on amazing projects. The thing is that my future isn’t as clear anymore. What I liked the previous years was the fact that I was improving so much as a programmer, I really like to learn, but I can’t say that I learned as much this year, the last big improvement in my programmer’s skills was Robotlegs (or frameworks in general) and that seems so long ago. Since then, I improved a little but nothing significant. If I look as to what I could learn more it becomes very abstract and I don’t really think I am interested in that, I left Computer Sciences after all because it was too abstract, but it is slowly making its way back to me.

So yeah, here I am, asking myself how long I will still be a programmer and if that is what I really want to do in life. I think the last couple of post I wrote kinda show that, they are more about concepts and ideas than about code. Another thing that is pretty funny, as much as I hate the Creative Technologist title, I think it applies to me pretty well. I like the ideas, the concepts, not so much implementing them (except if it is my ideas). I guess I could also become an architect, I like shaping a project, just not finishing it. I don’t know…

That being said, even if I am reflecting on this right now, I am stills confident about my future, it has always been good. I am not too stressed, I will end up in a nice place.


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