Goodbye B-Reel and on to the next one, again

Yeah, big news, I will be leaving B-Reel and New York and going back to Montreal mid-August.

But why o why?

Well, really nothing against B-Reel, these guys are awesome, but it has more to do with the realization that I might not be at the right place. I mean B-Reel is the best production company in the world and they paid me a trip to London and the Alps, so if I’m not happy there, maybe the problem is not them. But I do have a lot of gripes with the Advertising Industry in general, a lot.

First, the more I do it (build marketing experiences) the more it grows futile. Secondly, it’s a pretty savage industry if you consider how it handles it’s people. Yes it pays well, but the hours and the pressure are pretty high, which is very alienating. I don’t think I have any power to change this and I don’t feel the urge to participate in this system. Thirdly, I’m pretty tired of being told what to do, part of that comes from the fact that this industry is stuck in a old model where the creative director is the rockstar and tech people are tools (it is getting better), but also as long as there will be a client there will be someone to tell you what to do.

So what is next?

Nothing really, or everything I guess. Haha, if I wanted to be more vague I wouldn’t know how to write it. I won’t be getting a job, that I know for sure. It’s a funny thing to tell people, they don’t really get it. The thing is, I have a plan, now I just have to do it. I want to make games. It’s been something I have been wanting to do for a long time, I even started multiple ones (mutant farm, doodle destroy, a nameless rpg) but never got to finish any of them because of time and life constraints. Well now I am giving myseld the time to finish them properly. While in New York, I was able to put some money on the side, so it only make sense that I return to Montreal, where life is cheaper, and spend some time doing personal projects. I am at a good place in my life to do so.

The plan in detail

Basically rent a desk somewhere not to expensive and get things done 7 hours a day, go to the gym, take some mix martial art class, pass my driving licence test (cause the joke as gone on long enough, I’m 30 and I don’t know how to drive), write more on the blog and finally maybe do some freelance if I really need to put bread on the table ( I think I should be ok on that side, at least for 6 months). If I can do that and get a game or two out, than I don’t care about the outcome, the worst that could happen is that I find another job, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to this haha!

  1. #1 by jassa - August 3rd, 2011 at 19:43

    Good luck with the change – it’s great to be able to make that decision for yourself. Looking forward to seeing some of the games you develop ;)

  2. #2 by Sidney de Koning - August 5th, 2011 at 05:10

    Nice one dude. good move :)
    I wish you all the best, normaly when you do something that you love, the money will follow eventually, don’t worry too much about that.

    Hope to see those games online soon! Will they be games for devices or casual games?

    Cheers, Sid

  3. #3 by Mat Janson Blanchet - August 9th, 2011 at 13:37

    Ha! Funny, I made a similar move in leaving Sid Lee Amsterdam and moving back to Montréal. You’re an awesome dev, and you write well, don’t fret, you’ll handle it well.

    If you wanna jump into games, let me know, I’d love to move there too :)

    Bon retour à Montréal!

  4. #4 by freakqnc - August 9th, 2011 at 17:05

    Best of luck with your plans Dominic. I feel very sympathetic… I can identify. I wish you to reach full independence through your projects hopefully a level of independence that will be enough to free yourself from having to slave away and sell your talent, integrity and health, in exchange for making a “survival” in alienating environments whether that’s marketing, sales, advertising, or any other sector where greed and fear reign supreme, where one will always be chocked by insane and unjust corporate practices and overall nonsense, where “idiocracy” is rewarded while meritocracy punishable by death.

    And about learning to drive, it’s far easier than AS3 LOL! If you can learn to drive clutch, it’s a lot more fun and definitely a far more useful skill… not to mention you will be more in control and will save lots of gas too! :)

    Bonne chance avec ton project!


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