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Wtf I hate Flex

Ok when I say WTF I mean why the fuck, and this post will explain why I think Flex is shit. Wow, those are harsh words. But I truly hate Flex. I must explain first that I don’t think Flex has been built for me. I mostly make nice looking stuff; games and rich experience websites. Flex is made to be functional, but making it looking good, and by that I don’t mean half-ass good looking, I mean flawless, is pretty hard. Harder than it would have been using just ActionScript in the first place.

I came to Flash because I didn’t want to do HTML. Why would you try to emulate HTML (MXML) with Flash? It makes no sense to me… HTML will always better at HTML, duh! Flash is better at being awesomely good looking easily. Anyway I digress, but I mean if you are building a game or a microsite (everything other than a web app, and a corporate one at that), please stop using Flex.

I rant here because I have been forced lately to use Flex where I work and I don’t really like it ( and I can’t say much because I just started). I feel like it is creating so much friction for what I want to do that it ain’t worth it. Believe me I am trying to stick to ActionScript as much as I can, but in order to use the fonts that are already embedded in the game, I need to build on the Flex display list. It means using UIComponents wherever I would use Sprites and using UITextfields wherever I would use a simple TextField. It adds a lot of overhead and for a game, I don’t think that is a good thing…

Flex is not smooth and it is not made for smooth people. Flex as been engineered for hardcore programmers that don’t really care about design. Plus now Adobe isn’t even supporting it anymore, it makes its future so hazardous… Anyway, what I want to say with all this, please stop using Flex, please…


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