Glitch is over

I was shocked to learn today that Tiny Speck will be terminating Glitch in December.

But what was Glitch?

Glitch was a virtual world for kids that was awesome. The storytelling was awesome and the design was¬†impeccable¬†. It was fun and beautiful. I would have liked my kids to play it (I don’t have any by the way) . Here are some screens to show you, but you won’t get how well it ran.

So what is the fuss?

Well why I write about this is because of what they say is the reason of their failure. Their text about it is kinda weird. First they say that movement towards mobile was a problem. Ok, I understand that there is a huge increase in mobile traffic, but I don’t think there is a decrease in desktop traffic right? So people going mobile shouldn’t be such a problem. Secondly they blame the decline of the Flash platform, which I don’t really understand, because I never heard anyone uninstalling the Flash Player, so it is still installed on 96% of all computers. Also Adobe is now focusing on games. I really don’t see the decline there except in people’s mind. No other tech would have allowed them to do what they did. This game wouldn’t even have been doable on mobile. The screen size would have been a major issue.

Something else is fishy

Next, they say they won’t sell to another company, because they say there is no worth in their product. This is kind of a weird statement. If you do not see value in your product, maybe someone else will; maybe someone else will be able to turn it around. I say this because Glitch was an amazing product, for sure someone was going to see value in it.

So wtf happened?

My guess is that their business side went wrong. They weren’t able to monetize it. I don’t know what they tried because it has been at least 6 months since I went, but surely they failed on that. They say they are going to reimburse every one for stuff bought more than one year ago. Doesn’t that sound crazy to you? That or they really made no money at all and it is nothing for them to give the money back. Or it could indicate that they are idealists and that could have prevented them from making choices in order to monetize the game (like adding ads, not everyone like ads). I don’t know it all sounds really weird to me.

Someone there clearly think he knows what he is doing, but he doesn’t.

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