Warming up on writing, this blog needs some love!

This was actually hard to do. Sit down and do like I have done so many times in the past; write a blog post. I shouldn’t be writing this post, there is one that comes before, but I’ll keep it for a rainy day. There are two reasons why I didn’t write a lot this year. First, I didn’t work much. Most of my inspiration came from having technical problems at work; no problems, no writing. Second is the fact that I was writing a book (well half a book). When you write as your main occupation, you don’t want to write as your side occupation. Makes sense.

Now the book is almost done (3 chapters to revise and it’s in the bag!) and I got a new job so I will probably give more love to this blog. Not sure if will be on the same topic, but I know for sure that I will write about whatever I want. No more directed writing for a while (at least ten years). Anyway, I got a job at WoozWorld, a social-media platform / virtual world website. It is pretty different than the agency world and right now it feels very awkward. I will let it grow on me a bit and see on it turns out. Also my official title is Flex / Java developer which is also bizarre but I am mostly pluging ActionScript into a Flex application so it’s not so bad.

While in New York I was working with FDT. I didn’t like it at first, but I came to like it, after they fixed a lot of issues. Now I have to work with FlashBuilder and I don’t like it at all, haha! Feels even worse than FDT at first, but I tried to use FlashDevelop on the project to know success. The project is really big and probably grew in a weird way over time, so it has weird dependency that makes it hard to just change editor (I know this must be weird that a project is so tied to an editor, but trust me I tried to use another). Well, it will probably just do like FDT and I will come to like FlashBuilder.

So that’s all for now folks, this was just a warm up post to get back in the game! Next post I will go more in details on what I did during the last year.

  1. #1 by Ali - October 19th, 2012 at 19:35

    what have made you change your mind and get back to full-time jobs ?

    is it mainly financial stuff or else ?

    i care because i left my full time job 10 month ago .. i don’t feel like getting back .. but i am facing some financial challenges i hope i can overcome soon .

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