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ActionScript Graphing Cookbook

I wrote a f**** book! I really did write a book. I wasn’t that excited about it until I got it in my hands. It’s usually like that for everything I work on, I spend so much time doing it that, in the end, I can’t stand it anymore. Looking back, it wasn’t easy to write this book. The writing was easy enough, it mostly was finishing and personal discipline that was hard. Anyway I’m pretty happy now that it is done. Other funny fact, if you look me up on Google, you’ll find an old bio stating that I wasn’t co-author of any books, well we can scratch that now!

ActionScript Graphing Cookbook

That’s the title of the book, it is mostly about taking data and showing it in a visual way, be it with a chart, a graph, a map or any sort of data visualization. I wrote chapter 3-4-6-7-8. The first thing I did when I got the physical book, is check out Chapter 6 :¬†Mapping geographical and spatial data. I didn’t know so much about maps and how to draw on them, but I can say that learning and writing about them was very fun. ¬†It basically became my favorite chapter of the book. Be sure to check the heat map recipe; it’s the best one in the book.

Code samples

Another great thing about this book is that every recipe comes with code sample. I would say that I spent almost as much time making the code samples than writing the book. They are meant as starting points to be easily modified to fit your need.

So if you need a book to get you started on data-visualization and making graphs in ActionScript, the ActionScript Graphing Cookbook is for you! Go and buy it!


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