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Wonka – The Imagination Room

My latest project was for Wonka and is basically a 360 video player. It was fun and little and made me explore a bit. I got to play with Stage3D to compare the speed, plus I tried the new native mouse cursor (MouseCursorData). None of that made it in the final site but still was fun to try out. So here you go explore the Imagination room and don’t forget to look around:

Wonka – The Imagination Room

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Lady Gaga and MAC VivaGlam

It took me a long time to post this work we finished a couple months ago, but we were still working on it so it did feel completed. Probably the biggest project I have ever worked on, mostly because of the 9 languages part (Chinese and Hebrew are very challenging). So here it is MAC VivaGlam!

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It’s just a test baby!

If you only knew how many times I have heard this sentence (it’s just a test baby!) in the past month. Yeah, B-Reel did the production on this HomeAway microsite that accompanied a Super Bowl ad. At first, this site included some of the best 3D face upload ever seen on the planet, but we had to cut down some pieces due to how the Super Bowl ad was received. Anyway that doesn’t lessen what we achieved with this site and the level of deformation we submitted the 3D face was pretty impressive and funny. All that was made possible by building upon what was previously achieved by my¬†colleague¬†Will Adams and by working very closely with the 3D / Motion department. So here you go, enjoy the ministry of detourism:

And remember, it’s just a test baby!

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Toyota Fantasy Enhancer

Well it’s been out for a while now, but not all the parts were there so I didn’t want to talk about it. Now that it is complete, I can. This is my second project I did at B-Reel and probably the biggest I ever did. I would be very curious to know the number of lines of code in this project, I am sure it would be pretty high. I wish I could find an Eclipse tool for that. Anyway, very cool site, very nice videos and a fun set of tools (you can’t use the SmackTalk one unless you play in Yahoo! fantasy football, but you can use the others). Check it out:

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