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Composition vs Inheritance

I have been reading a lot these days about composition and inheritance. Inheritance is a pretty easy concept to grasp; composition on the other side is a bit more complicated. I have read quite a bit and I found much more advocates of composition than of inheritance. At least, with all this reading, i finally understood what interfaces were used for. I started looking on the subject because I had 2 problems, my first one in ActionScript 2 where I had 4 symbols all using the same base class. This worked good until I had to import that swf into another swf. Than it was as if Flash was using an older version of my swf. My second problem in ActionScript 3, I was working on a button class using 2 symbol on the stage. All these button were to use the same code so I wanted to extend another class; no can’t do because it cannot find definition for the symbols on stage in the superclass… Well I think I am going to use composition for the latest problem, but I haven’t found a solution for the first one…

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