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Why I like the Facebook like button

As you might know, Facebook changed how external sites interact with it. One of those changes is that external sites can now put like buttons on their site (Levi went a bit overboard with it). That is a huge change. Before, you could only use share buttons, but sharing and liking are two really different things. You only need one click to like, but you need at least 2 clicks to share, plus you need to check the text that you are going to share. That makes the implication necessary by the user smaller and it increases the probability that they will take action.

The Like Button

What does that mean for us, bloggers (or any content provider)? Well it means more traffic on our sites because more people will link our articles by liking them. Just as an example, I added the like button on this blog a days ago. I didn’t think it would do anything because my blog is very technical and is not something I thought one would share on a social media site like Facebook because it is more personal. But I am very surprised by the results. Some people are pressing the like buttons which results in traffic for the blog. Not much, but it is still great because it was so easy to add.

So yeah, I really like the like button. So much that I was looking for a like button to like the like button only to find none! Well no problem, I just did it myself with the new Facebook social plugins it only took 1 hours and I had a Facebook page for the like button and you can now like it and comment on it. So here you go show your love for the like button!

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