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Flash Media Server: loading FLV and onMetaData problems

I kinda like having problems at job now, because it gives me something to write about. I had two big problems today. We switched from a traditional server to a Flash Media Server to host our videos. So I had to adapt the actionScript to connect to the new server. I thought this would be a piece of cake; so wrong I was. All I wanted to do is change the address in the link in the method. Nope, the thing with Flash Media Server is that you have to connect to the application first and then request the file to stream. I did just that like indicated everywhere, but what nobody will tell you, like if it was a big secret, it’s that you don’t put the extension of your movie in its link so insteand of “design/intro_movie.flv”, you have to do it this way: “flv:design/intro_movie”. Quite strange and unintuitive way to do. Anyway, once you get this figured out, it’s pretty easy, but still I had to experiment for about 3 hours just to find that out. I’ll post the code for the connection tomorrow.

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