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Using the Flex profiler with a Flash Website or Application

Ted Patrick posted on is blog a video of a presentation that was made at 360 Flex about the Flex Builder 3 Profiler by Jun Heider. It’s a pretty interesting talk about some unknown feature and tweaks of the profiler. One of the thing I learned that I am really happy to have found was the fact that you can use the profiler on a project that wasn’t made using the Flex Builder,  for example a project made in the Flash IDE. Here are the three simple steps you have to do.


  • Go to the Profiler view and in the Profile menu select “Profile External Application”
  • In the window that will prompt, select the radio button Launch the application manually outside Flex Builder

In Flash

  • All you have to do in Flash is to run the debug version of your movie (“Debug Movie” in the Debug menu)

That’s it, the Profiler will kick in for your Flash application.

Now I don’t see any reasons to use Flex anymore.

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Flex problems again

Seems like every time I want to use Flex there is something that prohibits me from doing it. Today I was trying  to make a website using papervision3D; what I want to do is use a grid of video planes. So each of my plane has a MovieMaterial Movie has a FLV embedded in it. Well the thing is that you cannot import FLV files in Flex. So it makes it just more complicated in this case to use Flex and Flash together instead of just using Flash. Oh well, no profiler for me this time either.

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Using Flex with Flash problems

I am really trying to integrate Flex into my work but I keep bumping into problems. I am working on a game that uses movieClips for my Sprites (Monsters). The thing is the when you embed a movieClip from Flash it loses all its ActionScript. I know that you can use a method that addScriptAtFrame but it seems to be complicated for nothing. Also what happens if I have a movieClip with a movieClip inside it? I really want to use Flex, I think it’s a great tool, the profiler is really something I wanted and it works great, but why is it so complicated to make it work (Flex)…

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Some Flex again

Yesterday I got my hands dirty with Flex and I found out that I would need much work to do what I wanted. I guess my first application will be buggy. Well I actually did a store-locator in Flex for the website I programmed mostly not knowing what I was doing but the result is ok, not great but ok.

What I can’t get in my head is where to put the ActionScript and how multiple views can update global variables. What I want to do is a five step process and each step build a piece of a xml that describe a picture. I want to be able to move picture and rescale them also. Well, I bought the book, I guess I’ll have to wait until then.

Also today I watched this presentation about what framework to use with the Flex framework (you read correctly) that I came across reading this blog. It’s pretty interesting, a lot is said about design patterns. They bash a lot on cairngorm which I had started reading about but just couldn’t figure what it was about. I guess I shouldn’t have dropped that design pattern class in favor to an Astro-biology class.

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Going to Flex coming from Flash

I never really gave much attention to Flex. Mostly because it’s not beautiful enough in the sense that now the design of the website is so important that the platform you end up doing it on has to be very flexible to accommodate it. It’s kinda ironic to say, but I don’t find Flex that much flexible, design-wise.

But now I have an idea for a rich internet application, so I said to myself, why not try Flex, this application needs more usability than design. Well it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Flex is a whole new paradigm from Flash even if they share ActionScript 3. I’m kinda lost here and I don’t know where to start to get my application going. I guess I’ll have no choice but to buy the book. That’s what I’ll do right now.

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