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Gamification of fitness

Now they are applying gamification to everything, I had also this idea that if I was a Wii fit game developer, I would build a Role Playing Game (RPG) based on exercise. The concept would be pretty simple, you have a set of exercises to start with and that is what you use to defeat monsters. As you defeat monsters you gain levels which unlocks new harder exercises (more tiring exercises). I think there is a limit of how much of these exercises you can do a day, so you couldn’t complete the game in one run, but basically you would stop because you are too tired to go on. You come back the next day and you start were you left off but you are well rested. It kinda makes me think of games like Farmville where you only have a limited number of action each day but instead of that limit being fictive and imposed by the game, it would be a real limit. I like that spin on it, it would make fitness a bit more fun and interesting, a plot would unfold as you kill more monsters. And if for a few days you don’t kill anything, your level would go down a bit, so that it wouldn’t be too hard to pick the game back up. Anyway I thought this idea was good enough to share.

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There are fishes in the floor!

Ok first watch this awesome video that I found through Robert Hodgin’s Twitter:

Awesome Fish Attack … Epic Heron Fail from Mark on Vimeo.

Ain’t that amazing? Now imagine the entrance of a casino, an airport or a asian restaurant (I don’t know why but this feels asian to me); put a floor that is backlit and where these flocking fishes are projected. Already pretty cool, now the bigger fishes (I think those are small sharks) in the video are controlled by people walking on the floor. I guess it would be better if it was in an area where there would be at most 5-6 people at the same time but I figure this installation would be pretty interesting. I love how the ¬†water is milky a bit and I feel this could be reproduced easily depending on the type of glass the floor would be made of. Now some type of similar installation probably exist, but the point here is the magnitude in the number of little fishes. I am not sure today’s computer have the processing power to do that, but it feels like this is something that would benefit from multiple cores and parallel processing so I think it would be possible in a near future. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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