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My first RIA

Two weeks ago we launched a website that I am real proud of: Home Depot Think in Colour. It was the first RIA that I programmed (if you don’t count my favicon editor) and man did I sweat doing it.

First, it was way bigger than I first thought because applications have way more possibilities to break than normal websites. I never thought this would take as much quality insurance as it did, every time we would think it was done, someone would find a bug. Another thing I didn’t foresee was all the Event managing and making sure every part of the application was getting the right message at the right time.  Now I really understand what a framework like PureMVC can do for you, plus the nice features you can add that are not so hard to implement like undos.

Second we also had a lot of trouble with the hosting. We are not the main agency for Home Depot Canada,  so we once we were done with our files, we had to hand them over to the other agency and they really screwed up. I won’t list every thing that is not working properly, but I list this one, the back button was supposed to work to some extent, but now it doesn’t… for no reason. I knew there would be complications from having two agencies working together, but I didn’t think there would be so much.

All in all, we came up with a really nice product, actually the website I’m the most proud of to this date. So get out there, and start Thinking in Colour!

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