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Here is what I think are the best Flash pieces I did in the last years. I wish I had a more interactive portfolio, but since I think this blog really defines me as a Flash developer, I found it would be the best place to archive my work. So without further ado here it is.

Dairy Farmers of Canada – Roar 4 Milk (September 2009)

Best project I ever did. Well I always say that of my last project, but this one was really complex and the design was really sexy. What I had to do was to take a picture that the user uploaded or took with his webcam and map it on a 3D model (loaded Collada model using Papervision3D). This site also gave you the possibility to login via facebook connect and to send a picture of your roar via SMS.

Link : http://www.roar4milk.ca/

Aeroplan – 25 days of celebration (July 2009)

For its 25 years Aeroplan wanted to give back to its cutomers so it created an online contest that would last 25 days. So the site was created around a cake and when you went on the site for each day of the contest, the cake would have one more candle lighted. The challenge here was to synchronize the static 3D cake animation with the dynamic animation of the 25 candles. Using TimelineLite, I came up with a pretty good solution. Too bad we couldn’t put sound in this project.

(screenshot to come)

Dairy Farmers of Canada – The Great Canadian Moo (June 2009)

First campaign Twist Image did for DFC and the deadline was really short. This project included rich and standard banners, a widget and a microsite. At first I wanted to include some Papervision in it but the limitation in time made me go back to a more traditional panorama. Notice that the website will rearrange itself depending on the width of the browser. The goal of the campaign was to get users to come back on June 3rd 2009 to get the most click on the Moo button and we got a whooping 1.1 million clicks.

Link : http://www.thegreatcanadianmoo.ca/

HomeDepot – transition to tile (Mars 2009)

Third brother of the applications for The Home Depot (now there are 5 of them). With this one the challenge was to do better. I gave everything I had when doing redefining floor so it was a big challenge. This project really proved the advantages of using the PureMVC framework because it really fasten the development time. Other additions included SharedObject(Flash cookies) for future integration into a Master Tool, and Google Analytics for Flash to know what users are doing with the tool.

Link : http://www.homedepot.ca/transitiontotile/

Pfizer – Viagra.ca (January 2009)

Longest project I ever worked on and my last big project in ActionScript 2. What was difficult here was to deal with so many type of videos, 3d transitions are frame by frame images, animated buttons are flv embeded on the timeline, the character speaking is a streaming video. All these where different for the sake of optimization. Since that project spanned over so much time my knowledge of the Flash platform increased a lot and how I would do thing at the start of the project would seem very strange at the end, but all in all it came out pretty good.

Link : http://www.viagra.ca/

Telus – Gingerbread house maker (December 2008)

Another rich internet application but this time for another client. Basically, it lets you create your gingerbread house that you can than send to your friend or print the recipe. What was nice with it was the attention we gave to details. The email that you sent to your friend and the printed version of the recipe had your personalized gingerbread house in it.

Link : http://promotions.telus.com/en/holiday2008/

HomeDepot – redefining floors

Redefining Floors

Redefining floor is the second installment on a series of web application we did for HomeDepot and I can say that I am quite proud of it. During the development of the first one Think in colour I made a lot of mistakes that I didn’t make for this one. Also I used a framework called PureMVC and it really made my life easier. We are now using that framework on numerous sites. Other technologies involved in this: SWFAddress, bookmarking.

Link: HomeDepot – redefining floors

HomeDepot – think in colour

Think in colour

That was the first big rich internet application that I did. I kinda jumped head first in this one and made a few mistakes, but still it came out pretty good. We know we are winning a prize for this website, but we don’t know if we are 1st, 2nd or 3rd; we will know at the end of November. It was the first time that I used SWFAddress more as memory the page managing, meaning that everytime the user does something it changes the location bar of the browser enabling him to bookmark where he is at in the application and send it to a friend also.

Link: HomeDepot – think in colour

Loyalist College -Discover Loyalist Contest

Discover Loyalist Contest

That was quite a fun site to do; too bad it is not live anymore, but it was just for a contest. This was a panorama and the user had to find in it qualities of the Loyalist College and if they filled in the form they could win prizes such as an iPod or a GPS. The response to the site was quite good and the client was very satisfied.

BRP – Ski-doo Promotion

Ski-doo Promotion

I did many installment of the website http://www.skidoopromotion.com, but the one that is live right now wasn’t made by me. The challenge with these site is one of efficiency. The time is limited and we have to hand in a good product. It is also pretty fun to do because usually I have to work pretty closely with a designer in order to respect the timeline.

Twist Image – Share 2007

Twist Image - Share 2007

Nice project, again here the timeline was short and there were a lot of changes in the design as we went along but I think we managed well. This was my first project in ActionScript 3.

Link: Twist Image – Share 2007

Jeux de la communication – UQAM 2007 – UQAM 2008

Jeux de la communication

This is 2 projects I did on the side that I liked a lot. Well, I did the design on both of them and you can see that it is not my strength, but the cool thing is you can see that I spent a lot of time on them. For the 2007 we had to take about 150 pictures of everybody in about the same condition and for 2008 35 videos, I guess that was the most complicated part of the project. Also, in the 2008, I used a bit of Papervision3D which was quite fun.

Link: Jeux de la communication – Délégation UQAM 2008

Link: Jeux de la communication – Délégation UQAM 2007

Proment – Le Vistal

Le Vistal

One of the website I did for my previous employer. It’s a nice website that use 3d transition to make you see the building your going to buy a condo in.

Link: Proment – Le Vistal

I also did some work in other area of expertise than Flash. For a while I was a webmaster and I did HTML, PHP, javascript, SQL etc on web sites like http://www.merrellcanada.com, http://store.nokia.ca, http://www.vichy.ca.

  1. #1 by Paul - May 30th, 2009 at 16:28

    thats a really nice portfolio to be proud of! i hope some day i can build my work up to the same standard! im pretty new really to this game, just a over year or so!

    one thing i have to say though! re:Proment – Le Vistal

    the sound file does not play well whilst the swf is downloading! is there a better way of embedeing this! so that it doesnt play until its fully downloaded! still good though!

    any way well done! keep up the good work!

  2. #2 by Michael Banks - June 8th, 2009 at 22:17

    Hey man,

    Thanks for posting your tutorial on Animation in AS3! It has been very helpful and I got almost everything done, except I am having one issue.

    I am trying to make my name ( B A N X ) drop in one at a time until its done as sort of an intro to my site. I used the timer in your tutorial but for some reason, it only worked on the second letter dropping in.

    So, After B dropped, it would wait 1 second, and then the ANX would drop, rather then having the A Drop, wait one second, the N drop, etc. Is there a way I can get each timed like that? I tried putting the function line over each Var but it gives me an error.

    Below is the code im using…

    import fl.transitions.Tween;
    import fl.transitions.easing.*;
    import fl.transitions.TweenEvent;
    import flash.utils.Timer;//classes to use Timer
    import flash.events.TimerEvent;

    var timer:Timer = new Timer(1000, 1);//create the timer
    timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, doNextTween);

    var myTweenBY:Tween = new Tween(b_logo, “y”, Back.easeOut, -1, 367.4, 3, true);

    function doNextTween(e:TimerEvent):void{
    var myTweenAY:Tween = new Tween(a_logo, “y”, Back.easeOut, -1, 303.1, 3, true);

    var myTweenNY:Tween = new Tween(n_logo, “y”, Back.easeOut, -1, 230.4, 3, true);

    var myTweenXY:Tween = new Tween(x_logo, “y”, Back.easeOut, -1, 161.9, 3, true);



  3. #3 by Steve - June 15th, 2009 at 16:17

    Hey Michael,

    The reason the last three letters are going at the same time is because they are in the same function. So the timer waits one second then does the function which has all three tweens that occur all at once.

    So to fix this you need to either seperate each tween into a seperate function with each one having a different timer. Or listen for a motion completion event, then do the next tween with a motion completion event, and the next and so on.

    You could also try a loop.

    @ Michael Banks

  4. #4 by Jim - April 2nd, 2011 at 00:41

    What a great portfolio. Lots of complex design elements.
    Is that a picture of Seth Godin in the Twist Image Project?

    Keep it up.

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