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Shooting crap about 3D printing

Today at lunch, I was talking to a colleague about 3D printing and it got me thinking about a couple of fun ideas.

The first idea is about the fact that some 3D printer can actually print all the parts that are needed to build themselves. Pretty neat! Now all they need is arms to assemble themselves and they are ready to take on the human race. We should not fear the time that the computers will challenge us, but the silent threat of the printers is way more dangerous. Haha, I find this pretty funny, not that it bears any truth, but it would make for a nice animated short, where the printers tired of being seen as subjects to computers, would rise and build an army of themselves and show the world what they are made of. Anyway, on to more techy subject.

Example of a 3D printer

The interesting thing about 3D printer is that it is becoming cheaper and more accessible to anyone. I remember being young, being shown a prototyping printer, being very impressed and wanting one but there was only a few being made and very expensive. Now, the technology is becoming available, that means that more and more people will start doing crazy stuff with it, things that we never expected, that is what is making me very excited about it.

I came up with an idea of my own about what I would do if I had one of those 3D printer. I would make an installation for like a gallery or something. It would be a booth where people go in and they would have a screen in front of them. Now that screen could give instructions or ask questions but the important part would be a camera and a microphone above it. Based on the person’s movements, clothes’ colors, sounds she makes and the answers she gives, the installation would start shaking and produce (3D print) a unique object for each person. These objects would be shaped like spike balls where the length of the spikes and the amount and the pattern would be determined by the characteristics mentioned earlier. It would be like a physical oscilloscope representing the uniqueness of everyone ( You are a unique snowflake; Shut up Tyler Durden!). I think it would be kind of fun and people could go home with something tangible, a souvenir representing themselves.

What would you do if you had a 3D printer?


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