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Tweener and stuff

Today I found another tweening engine called Tweener. For those who know it, it is the successor of MC Tween. It looks great, it permits you to do tweens on a lot of properties and there is a delay argument, so your code will look cleaner (without all the setTimeout). The down side is still the weight, well it’s way less than the Fuse kit but still; 9.2kb for ActionScript 2 or 10.4 kb for ActionScript 3. This include all of the Robert Penner’s original easing equations and there is a nice page showing the difference between each of them. I think I will try this code some time soon and I’ll give you feedback about it.

This weekend, I’ll try to work on the wordpress template because I think it looks too common and it’s way too narrow, ActionScript code doesn’t look like I would like it to. Maybe I’ll have time to update the ActionScript 3 Tween tutorial too.

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