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Cinemagram, a must have app

Well this is not a shameless plug because it is not for me, but actually for a friend of mine. For the past month he has been working very hard on his iPhone application and for having seen the progress along the way, I can say that it is awesome work. The application is called Cinemagram and it is made to easily build cinemagraph with your mobile phone. Cinemagraph are still pictures where only a small part of it is moving.  To do them it would usually require an image editing software and a lot of manipulations, but the app makes it really easy to do right with your phone. Anyway, I think that for 2$ you can have a lot of fun building cinemagraphs, so go buy the app and help some indie devs!

Here are some example of cinemagraphs done with the app:

Blow ball cinemagraph



If you want to see more you can go to the website.

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