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This is not SPAM, is live!

I have been working hard (that’s the last joke I make on this, I don’t event know if I am allowed) on this website for a long time, but it’s finally live!. Because of canadian regulation on advertising and pharmaceutical prescription drug, the process of making the canadian version of the VIAGRA website is unlike other; more steps are involved when you try to get content approved. So that’s why I have been working on this for a long time, but it’s finally out and I am really happy of the results.

What is funny when you work on a project for such a long time is the fact that you improve so much in the mean time, that you look back at your early code and you can’t believe you did that. During I was working on the VIAGRA website,  I switched animation package three time to end up with TweenLite, I started looking at SWFAddress now I kinda use it on every project, knew nothing about AS3 and so on. It was also the first project where I started using Object Oriented techniques to build it.

When I present a website I did, I like to list all the libraries I used, so here I go again. Well first it was all built in Actionscript 2.

Most of the 3D was done using 3D Studio Max exept for the button animations that where done using Maya.

Well that’s it, go and hang around the clubhouse!

That conclude my week of posting everyday (well I didn’t post yesterday, but I posted twice today), see you in a month (just joking).

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