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Some Flex again

Yesterday I got my hands dirty with Flex and I found out that I would need much work to do what I wanted. I guess my first application will be buggy. Well I actually did a store-locator in Flex for the website I programmed mostly not knowing what I was doing but the result is ok, not great but ok.

What I can’t get in my head is where to put the ActionScript and how multiple views can update global variables. What I want to do is a five step process and each step build a piece of a xml that describe a picture. I want to be able to move picture and rescale them also. Well, I bought the book, I guess I’ll have to wait until then.

Also today I watched this presentation about what framework to use with the Flex framework (you read correctly) that I came across reading this blog. It’s pretty interesting, a lot is said about design patterns. They bash a lot on cairngorm which I had started reading about but just couldn’t figure what it was about. I guess I shouldn’t have dropped that design pattern class in favor to an Astro-biology class.

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