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My game on a iPad, my pilgrimage

YEAHH! Pretty nice is the feeling you get when you see your game for the first time on the medium it is supposed to be. Yesterday I dwelled in the mysteriously complicated world of signing applications for the Apple App Store. 6 hours it took me to finally get my game on my tablet ( by the way I didn’t buy the iPad, I won it :) ). I would say that 2/3 of that I was stuck in Apple developer center where you have to do numerous steps and get many files in order to sign your app / game. The last third came from converting one certificate to something Flash can use to compile a .ipa file.

For that step you can either do it on OSX or on Windows differently and since I have both installed on my machine, I thought I would do it the easy way ( what I thought would be) on OSX, but for some reasons Keychain access didn’t seem to export me the right things. So I had to do everything using OpenSSL on Windows, which after a little tweak, worked like a charm. Follow these instructions from Adobe to do so: generate signing request, convert certificate to .p12.

So with that done, I was set to compile my Flash game into an iOs app. This proved also more complicated than what I thought. My game was built using FlashDevelop, but I have Flash CS5.5 so I thought it was just a matter of setting my main class as the document class of a new fla. Turns out the Flash compiler is different from the Flex compiler and it started throwing me a lot of weird errors. I have to admit my project is a bit weird too (I lost one fla, so I had to decompile one file but I couldn’t get the font out of it, so I have 2 swc that have symbols in common), but it should have worked. Anyway, you don’t need Flash to compile to iOs. I downloaded the new Flex SDK and the latest AIR SDK (4.6 and 3.1) and used those templates for FlashDevelop and it worked mighty fine. Funny thing, my game was already compiled using the Flex 4.5.1 SDK; not AIR  (I am not using anything special) and not the latest SDK, but I didn’t have to recompile it, I just packaged it and it worked fine. I wonder if I use the AIR compiler instead if it would run faster???

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Gamification of fitness

Now they are applying gamification to everything, I had also this idea that if I was a Wii fit game developer, I would build a Role Playing Game (RPG) based on exercise. The concept would be pretty simple, you have a set of exercises to start with and that is what you use to defeat monsters. As you defeat monsters you gain levels which unlocks new harder exercises (more tiring exercises). I think there is a limit of how much of these exercises you can do a day, so you couldn’t complete the game in one run, but basically you would stop because you are too tired to go on. You come back the next day and you start were you left off but you are well rested. It kinda makes me think of games like Farmville where you only have a limited number of action each day but instead of that limit being fictive and imposed by the game, it would be a real limit. I like that spin on it, it would make fitness a bit more fun and interesting, a plot would unfold as you kill more monsters. And if for a few days you don’t kill anything, your level would go down a bit, so that it wouldn’t be too hard to pick the game back up. Anyway I thought this idea was good enough to share.

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Mutant Farm, on your LCD Screens soon

Since it is complete enough that I can show it, here is a project I have been working on for a little while now: Mutant Farm; A game where all sheep are evil.

I have done it in ActionScript 3 and it gave me much content to write about like the post about ActionScript 3 and interfaces.

It’s obviously not completed but it will soon be there. My objectives with that game was first to learn ActionScript 3,  second to try to make a bit of money and third to drive traffic to my blog. The first objective as already been achieved but for the two others we will soon see to which extent I will achieve them. I intend also to release the code when the game will be forgotten (or something like that).

Here is what is on my check list to improve the game:

  •  add a preloader with sponsors and a link to
  • add the story before the first level
  • improve all graphics (menu, in game, UI)
  • add music (menu, in game)
  • add better sounds
  • implement the between level upgrades that you can buy
  • add high score mechanics and maybe a survival mode
  • add more levels and critters
  • add more weapons like grenades and the Ancient Artifact

Right now there is 4 levels and the fourth one is way too hard but it’s going to be easier when you will be able to buy upgrades.

So go  play it now: Mutant Farm and fell free to leave me any comments about the game.


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