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Mixing timeline and AS3; where are my global variables

Well using only ActionScript to do a website at my company is kind of a break in the workflow.  Before I came, only designers were doing the Flash websites so it was mostly timeline with ActionScript all over the place (meaning not so much ActionScript, but well spread over timeline, buttons and MovieClips). It’s not what I believe the best way to work.

So we get this microsite to do; I can show it to you because it is online right now. It’s Ski-Doo Spring Promotion. For this microsite we had a really tight deadline; 3 days to do design and production of the whole microsite. So I had to work very closely with the designer, which was good because he is really creative at doing animations. The trouble is that he does them timeline and I am used to doing only ActionScript websites… So I had to learn to mix both ways.

Every thing was going fine until I had to use global variables. I forgot to mention that we decided to do this project in ActionScript 3, in which there are no global variables anymore. My need for global variables was for data that was passed from the html to the flash, the country from which the user came and his language. So at first I was using the (as an example) as a global variable. I could, from any timeline anywhere in any movieclip, reference the parameters  had passed to the flash.

The trouble arose when I had to add an external preloader to the microsite. All of a sudden all my call to root.loaderInfo.parameters did not work anymore. I had to find another solution to my problem which I found in the GlobalVarContainer class from greenethumb. It is a really easy class to use and it did exactly what I wanted. You should go check it out.

I know using global variables is not a not a best practice; it’s not modular and you can’t safely reuse your code everywhere. But in this case, it really helped me mix the timeline animation workflow with the coding workflow.

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