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Video tutorial on how to use GOASAP

I have talked a bit about GOASAP, but I didn’t really have the time to check it out; well mosessupposes made a good video tutorial on how to create your own animation engine. Be sure to check it out because it’s pretty good.

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TweenLite, Tweener, GOASAP | Fun with animation packages

I have been speaking a lot about Tweener these days and for a good reason; it’s a really good as3 animation library. I can’t say I have been having trouble with it but I found evidence from different sources that it might not be the best animation package for what I want to do.

What I am doing is mostly websites and in those website I use ActionScript to make everything move; I rarely use the timeline. All of my tweens are at most 1 second long but most of the time they last about 0.5 second. I liked Tweener because it was way better than Adobe’s Tween classes but I found from 2 different sources (TweenLite, GOASAP) that TweenLite is faster for small tweens than Tweener. You might know that already, but being fast is one of the most important attribute for me in a tweening engine. Not so much because I use too much animation at the same time but more because that when I start Tweens, I don’t want them to eat all of the cpu, I want them too leave as much processing power for other stuff like timeline animations, video etc. These is all to say that I am changing all my code from Tweener to Tweenlite (that I had previously changed from Adobe Tween classes to Tweener) because I need the extra speed badly.

Something came up since I started this project. From the maker of the Fuse kit comes GOASAP. Which looks very promissing; it’s  not an animation package per say, it’s more like animation package building blocks. Since sometime there is a lot of overhead in animation engine for things that you will never use, Moses Supposes made us all animation library developers. The GOASAP code base is in AS3 and I can’t wait to start using it. In the mean time I invite you all to go and start developing your own animation code;

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