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I am now Google Analytics Qualified

Well since last week and I got a whooping score. You might ask why I spent time to do this certification (Google Analytics Individual Qualification test), well, I think it is better to have more than one tool in your pocket and it also shows that you think of the big picture and not just about code. Analytics is also a very in demand skill along with Flash and SEO so it could not hurt. I didn’t know if I truly used GA correctly, now I guess this says I’m not so bad at it.


Here are a couple of tips to help yourself on the test: first I hope you have played a bit with Google Analytics that will help a great deal! Secondly whatch all the videos in the conversion university. Not only do they help a great deal for the test, but they are very instructive and well done. Having knowledge of Adwords will also help a lot since a third of the questions will be on the topic of integration of Adwords and Google Analytics (some plainly on Adwords!!).

Go get certified now while I look for synonyms for the word “also”.

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