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Realisation from Flash and the City

First, I want to say that Flash and the City was a very well organized conference. Sure it isn’t as perfect as FITC (I know it does no justice to compare a 10 years old conference to a new one, but it’s the only other conference I have been to) but it was nonetheless amazing for a first year and we have Elad Elrom and his team to thank for that.

Flash and the City

What I think they can improve on next year is the venue; the 3 legged dog was too small to hold this kind of event. I would suggest changing for a new place. What I really liked: that the speakers where different from the speakers on the other conferences roasters (seems like it’s all the same people speaking from conferences to conferences) so I got to see people I had not seen yet.

The realisation

I consider myself a developer and FATC was really more aimed towards developers, so I should have been very happy there. The thing is, I wasn’t; it didn’t have the same impact as FITC did on me, which is weird. I don’t know, maybe it is because I follow a lot what is happening in the Flash community and I am well informed on the new possibilities the platform has technically. Because of that, the presentations didn’t marvel me as much as a creative presentations where everything is mostly new. Maybe I am not so much a developer after all.

Best of show

Anyway there was still some presentations that I found really amazing. The best one that I saw really was Gaia Flash Framework by Jesse Warden. He spoke about using Gaia and Robotlegs together. I mostly knew what he was speaking about but it still was awesome. I wish I could see it again in slow motion because there are so many words that come out of Jesse’s mouth. What is the major point of interest is Jesse’s views on the industry and the way he express them. If you get the chance to see him speak don’t miss it. Well, he started doing some video capsules, so you should go watch those. I used to make the new guys watch them when they had nothing to do (when is the next one coming out Mr Warden? I want more!). Aside from this Jesse, it was also good to see that Jesse Freeman is a very well spoken, nice , intelligent and professional dude. It clashes from his Twitter personality where all he does is wine about Adobe (well he seems to like Adobe now that he is working with Flash on Android). I really enjoy his articles on InsideRIA but sometimes I want to unfollow him on Twitter because all his bitchin is impacting on my moral. It was nice to see him in person, it gives me a new (good) perspective on the guy. Also another interesting thing I learned was that searching for Flash Bum (Jesse’s username on Twitter is theflashbum) on Google images yields unexpected results.

All in all it was a great week-end, I wish good luck to the Flash and the City team for next year.

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