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Big Spaceship presentation at FITC Toronto 2009

FITC just posted videos of some of the presentations that were done this year (2009) at Toronto. It’s a shame that for some reason they removed the Joshua Davis one because he his a really good presenter. That being said I’d like to drive your attention to the Big Spaceship agency presentation. I don’t know why I missed it when I was there, but I am really happy I got to watch it in video because it really gives insights about how to run a digital shop. When I listen to presentations like this one, I don’t take everything for money, but it help shape my ideas about the topic.

The video is the last one on the right on the first line right under the video player found here: (it would be nice to have direct links)

So, in a nutshell, here is what they say:

  • They don’t use the word creative to define designers because everybody is creative.
  • Don’t hire assholes (very close to the netflix presentation)
  • People in team sit together, instead of department sit together
  • Great importance to culture and fun at work
  • Try to include one person of every department as early as possible in a project
  • They avoid using stock images or footages and prefer doing that themselves
  • To increase creativity they try to spend some time away from the computer, doing analog things like with their hands (I know, that is crazy)
  • They don’t pitch when the client ask for comps
  • They don’t pitch when client will choose the lowest costing solution

A very interesting watch. Take whatever you want from it.

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My review of FITC Toronto 2009

Well I’m on the train (not anymore) and I have 5 hours to kill so I thought I might use this time to write my recap of FITC Toronto 2009. In a general way, I liked this iteration of the festival more than last year. I think that my choice of presentations had a lot to do with it. Looking back, there are sessions I would have changed in my schedule but since they were filming most of the presentations I can just go and watch those that I heard good feedback from. The downside of this year was that I was alone so I kinda not fulfill the Connect part of the festival mission (Inspire, Educate, Challenge, Connect) but I will work on that next year.

What I learned

Here is interesting stuff I wanted to share:

  • I really liked the presentation from PowerFlasher (makers of the FDT tool to write ActionScript). It gave insights on their creative process and how they deal with in-house projects. They said they would put the presentation on youtube so I will point it out when it is there.
  • GAIA Framework: I wasn’t convinced before the presentation. Now I would like to try it out on certain type of project. What convinced me: the fact the it handles SWFAddress for you. I like SWFAddress a lot, but sometimes I would like it to be a physical object so that I could throw it out the window.
  • Joshua Davis is an awesome presenter. If you get the chance to see him talk, seize it.
  • I chose a couple of business presentations and they were probably not the best choices to make but I still got a couple of usefull links out of them:
    • IconBuffet : Nice for Icons but also nice to know that they are made by Firewheel Design and given freely; nice way to get known.
    • CoComment : Nice way to track your conversations, will definitely try it out.
    • 37 signals : Heard so much about them that I should probably at least follow their blog
    • BaseCamp : An online application to manage projects, made by 37 signals
    • HARO : Help a reporter out : a nice way to get your name out there by helping a reporter and getting quoted
  • VizualPV3D : Layout tool for Papervision3D that looks great. Can’t believe it was done by only one dude: Gary Stasiuk.
  • Finally Colin Moock‘s presentation held a couple of gems. First he his starting a company called User1 that will offer and develop the union platform which will facilitate the production of multiuser applications be it on the web or the desktop. Also he teamed up with MegaPhone, a company that provides¬† a framework to manipulate any screen using any phone. I foresee lots of new marketing opportunities.

On a personal note

I own a HP mini 1000, one of those new netbooks. It’s a pretty nice netbook: it has a 10 inch screen, but I believe I need more than that. 10 inch is good for writting and browsingthe web, but not that good for coding. I really hope that they will develop folding LCD soon so that the laptop can stay small but the screen can get bigger.

Lastly, being in Toronto made me realize how much I like Montreal. More trees, smaller streets, no tramway; it’s just warmer. The only other city that compares (and that I have been to) is Amsterdam. I think Montreal deserves its own Flash conference.

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