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Powerflasher: How labs works

Here is another video presenting an agency. This time it is Powerflasher from Germany which is also the maker of FDT, an eclipse plug-in to code ActionScript. The video is mostly about how they divide their intern teams to have three groups: agency, solutions, labs. Agency is the work done for the client (websites, applications), solutions is for when they build a product that they can sell or own (like the FDT software or they also make a 3D book component for flash) and finally labs is where they experiment. What is done in labs usually ends up either in the agency work or as a product for solutions to work on. They also explain that for some project the traditional workflow doesn’t work. Like for experimental projects, there needs to be more flexibility because some experiments might not work. That’s why they adopt a more Agile methodology. They explain their steps to achieve this. They also mention that with a traditional workflow creativity only happens at the beginning of the project while in real life it can happen anytime.

All in all it’s a pretty interesting watch. I really like these kind of video because it tells us how other agencies are working and sometime people are reluctant to speak about this.

Link: Carlo Blatz - How Labs works

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