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Using fl.* packages in Flex and more

Slow days at work means I get to experiment and search the web for new ways to develop. I did a lot of research today on Flex until I stumbled on this presentation on the beedigital blog. It’s a very nice presentation on how to integrate Flash and Flex in your workflow. That’s exactly what I wanted. After see it I tried to do some test projects in Flex. Most of the time I do every thing in ActionScript so I thought this wouldn’t be too difficult. The trouble is that most of the time I also use the Tween and Easing classes from Flash. These classes come in the fl.* package and this package does not compile in Flex. I searched a bit how I could make these classes compile but I only found complicated methods of doing so. I tired also to use the Tween classes from Flex, but in order to use them you have also to include the Flex framework which adds 100k to your project. My simple solution to this problem; using Tweener for my tweens. Tweener only adds 10k to a swf file compared to the fuse engine (which is not in AS3 yet). It’s not so bad, it’s only a 8k difference to the Flash Tween classes (2k). Also using it a bit, I might have misjudged Tweener a bit because it works very well. I might in the future redo some example using Tweener instead of the Tween classes.

I went on the blog of Samuel Asher Rivell, the author of the presentation I spoke of earlier, and found some other interesting things. First there is the Montreal Game Summit that’s going to be held on November 27th and 28th. I live in Montreal so I’d be pretty happy to go there, at least on the first day. It has some interesting conferences about Flash that I’d like to see especially the one given by Samuel Asher Rivell on Advertgames.  The second nice thing I found on his blog is the powerpoint presentation of one of the conference he gave on blitting. I had seen the technique some time on the web but never knowing what it was or how to do it. His presentation is a good introduction to it and I’d be really interested in hearing his speech about it. There might be more on blitting on this blog since it looks really promising.

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