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Doodle Complete on Kongregate

After a six weeks waiting for sponsors on Flash Game License and a ridiculous bid of 75$, I decided to finally release my game Doodle Complete on the web. The 75$ bid was even more ridiculous than that, the bidder also wanted to collect the money from advertisement and release the game under their name on Kongregate and Newgrounds (well new grounds require the game to be only 700px height so my game won’t fit there…). So I decided to release it without sponsors and to at least get some information about advertisements revenues. I spent all day yesterday trying to get Admob working for the Blackberry Playbook (yes you can get it on your PlayBook now!), but I couldn’t really do it. I also made it available with MochiAds and to their distribution network which already gave me 2000 views, so that is good.

Now, it seems like people on Kongregate don’t really like the game because the controls are hard… Well I could do something there, but I don’t think it would make people go crazy about the game anyway. So I kinda decided to let it go. I’m going to fix the minor bugs, but I won’t put anymore time on this game and start working on the next one which will be more classical, little risks that people will complain about the controls.

Last thing I will do is try the iAd extension for iOs from Milkman games to see if those revenues are worth the trouble. I will have to pay 20$, but I guess I will have it for other games too.

Anyway go play the game on Kongregate and if you can give it 5 stars :)

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Workin and playin

I have been working, on my projects and on paid work, and it’s been good. My own project is moving along fine and I should have something new to show pretty soon. As for work, well it’s going. I haven’t got much to write about, what about is mostly some little quirks inside of Flash Professional itself.

But I want to write about this little game I found: The binding of Isaac. I am pretty sure it was made in Flash and a demo of it can be found on Newgrounds. It’s a pretty well done game and it reminds me of the dungeons in Zelda and Kid Icarus. It’s got that same feeling, with upgraded graphics. The lore is also pretty funny, it’s got a really skewed sense of humor but everything fits and I find it very funny. Now the concept is really simple, but because they created so many power ups (each with their own hilarious visual) it makes it so that every run of the dungeon is different and it adds a lot of replayability.  Anyway, that is the kinda game I aspire to make. I advise you to go buy it on Steam, it’s only 5$.

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