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Happy 2012!

4 years I have been writing on this blog. I am kinda proud, but I do have to ramp up the pace.  It’s been 4 months since I left B-Reel and let’s say that I have been semi-productive. I have not been doing nothing but I have not worked 7 hours everyday, not even 5 like I wanted. Kinda hard to wake up early when you are your own boss. Also, I only wrote 4 posts in 4 months so the traffic to the site diminished a bit but nothing too serious.

So here we go for 2012, I am about to finish a personal game and a contracted game, so that is good. I have another game that is about 45% completed, so I will be working on that next. My goal is to complete 3 personal games this year, not including the one that is almost finished. Don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, but it sure would be good. I would also like to post 2 times a month, to be realistic, more would be better but I am not sure I will have the material to write as much. I will probably also try to look into HaXe, I am very curious about this tech, what it can do and how to use it so we will see.

So happy 2012 for everyone!


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The post of the year

It is that time of the year where I look back and ponder. As I had foreseen, 2009 was really a great year (at least professionally but that’s another story). If my skills improved a lot in 2008 they continued to do so in 2009. I got to play a great deal with Papervision3D (roar4milk, Holiday Humanoes) and I got to modify my project workflow a lot too (I plan to make a presentation on that this year).

In numbers, I got to write 62 posts ( a bit less than once a week) and got 478 comments since September 2008. As for traffic, I am now getting 25 000 visitors a month, this is 10k less than the goal I set myself a year ago, but I don’t think it is so bad; my traffic is still growing steadily month after month. I did not write another article for InsideRIA like I wanted to, but I wrote 2  that got printed in FFDMag ( one of those I intended for InsideRIA but someone wrote on Google Analytics for Flash before me). What I am really proud of is that I got to give 2 presentations; one online and one in person at the Montreal Flash User Group. This is something I want to do more in 2010, 3 or 4 speaking engagements would be really nice. I already got an article nearly done so if I could get 1 or 2 more I would be happy. Lastly, I my traffic could increase to 35k visitors a month I think that would be enough for me. While we are at this, if I could be part of writing a book on ActionScript, that would just be the craziest.

Anyway, what I wish for the coming year is that I keep doing what I am doing. If I keep up the good work, good things will come my way, as simple as that, it worked fine in the past and I am pretty sure it will stay that way, naïvely.  Blogging is all about keeping doing it.

May 2010 be as good for all of us as 2009  was good for me. Happy new year!

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My take on decompiling SWF

I didn’t read (or listen, I don’t remember if it was a video) Lee Brimelow article on decompilation but I know he his not against it. In the same way, I also believe decompiling other’s work is a positive thing. I remember doing my first webpage (html) and to add cool stuff to it (nice javascript and strange html tags) all you had to do was to right click, choose view source and apply it in your context. Back then you were on your own, but what you would learn there you wouldn’t forget because you worked to extract the knowledge from the cryptic code. What you learned was then added to your toolbox; you could build better webpages. The entire internet grew from the view source feature.

I believe it should be the same with Flash. Every day you can see an awesome piece of creativity if you go to; sometimes you know how it is done, sometimes you don’t. This is the time where you should reverse engineer the work. Learn how they did it, how they solved certain problems. You should do so, not to replicate the piece, but to make it your own. Mix it with what you already know or give it a new twist; do something even better. That is how you should pay back.

The community, platform (Flash) would grow from this. People would start decompiling your work and even better pieces would be created. In the end, we would all win from this. Better creations means more confidence in the platform, more money invested into it (Adobe, web agencies) and more jobs.

If you think individually, you’ll only see the bad sides of decompiling, but if you open your mind and have a broader view, you’ll understand the benefits.

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My FITC Toronto 2009 schedule

Just like last year, I’m going to the FITC Toronto conference at the end of April. Based on my last year’s experience here is what I want to see:

Sunday April 26th

  • Feed the Experts: A Sneak Peek Into the Treasure Chest of Creativity
  • The Tinkerer’s Box
  • Gaia Framework For Adobe Flash

Monday April 27th

  • Flash Interfaces in Console Games
  • Marketing Your Skillz (aka Self Promotion for the Shy Creative Type)
  • Flash Player Internals v2
  • Reality Cheque: Running a Freelance Business
  • MTV Jackass on AIR

Tuesday April 28th

  • Introduction to iPhone SDK for Flash Developers
  • The Road to “Brilliant”
  • The Magical Mystery Click
  • Your Phone is Your Controller (and Other Multiuser Adventures)
  • Technology Paving the Way for Story Telling

I tried to put more design presentation in there but it was hard, my primary interest is still programming. I also chose stuff that I have never done so that I won’t waste time listening to a 30 minutes introduction on what it is. The only conflict that hurts me is that I won’t get to see Cliff Hall PureMVC presentation. Well I can’t wait to be there.


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May 2009 be as good as 2008

Well, 2008 was a really good year for me, I got to work on nice projects (HomeDepot, Viagra, TELUS) and this blog’s audience grew nicely. I had an objective of getting 10k visits each month at the beginning of January 2009 and I finally got 150% percent that, so 15 000 visits. I can say that everything rolled my way nicely this year.

I know 2009 is supposed to be a tought year considering the recession and all, but I am confident that I will do well no matter what. A couple of things can explain this confidence, first I see the bunch of projects that I have lined in front of me for the comming months which will provide me work until the second half of the year. Also witnessing how much I improved this year technically speaking, I can’t imagine where I will be next year. All in all 2009 will be a good year.

So, as all starting year post I will set myself new objectives. Writting them here will give me more incentives to attain them in order to protect my pride. I guess my first objective will be to augment the attendance to this blog to 35 ooo visits a month. That is a bit bigger than doubling what I have right now. My second objective would be to write 2 – 3 articles for other publication  like the one I did for InsideRIA. I would also like to start looking for speaking opportunities, I don’t put to much emphasis on that one but my long term goal is to give a presentation (about topic like SEO, Google Analytics for Flash, PureMVC) in a conference somewhere in 2010. My last goal would be to look around for MBAs that I might find interesting. I always wanted to do a master degree, but since I started working that thought as been pushed back a bit, but I think next year might be a good year to go back to school; at least part time.

I also have some personal objectives like going to the gym more often and eating better, but that is of lesser interest to this blog.

I hope you all get a good 2009 year and that the recession does not darken to much what you see for yourself in the coming year.

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I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7

Well as you can see I upgraded to WordPress 2.7. I didn’t really have a reason to do so, but I did it anyway. My version dated a bit and from now on it’s going to be easier to update (WordPress and plugins) so it wasn’t so bad, but as you can see I have to redo the theme on this website. I had started to put a new design but kinda never finished so I guess that will leave me something to do during Christmas vacations. Also, something really nice from this version (well it might have a been a few versions before) is the fact that you can embed swf files without requiring any additional plugins. Also I think the syntax highlighter plugin (WP-syntax) is a bit better now. Enjoy this new version of the blog (soon to be redesigned, again).



The PureMVC presentation video is live

The presentation I did the other day is now live and I am quite happy with the results. Well I sound like a robot( I guess nobody likes hearing is own voice) and some of the technical limitations (no webcam, audio delay, not having control of my slides) have impaired my performance, but for a first public speech, I’m pretty happy with it.

Also, as a note to myself, next time I do something like this I will inform myself better on which audience I will present to; I think the audience present at the time of the conference had already a good knowledge of the PureMVC framework and my presentation might have been a bit too light. I hope it serves greater purpose as a video than as the live thing.

Here it is; I start speaking at 16:00.

The PureMVC Pirate Internet Radio Conference Takeover

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Myself in the PureMVC Pirate Internet Radio Conference

That is right, in a bit more than 6 hours, if you head to this address:

you will see me present some of the work I did on the two Home Depot projects we had at Twist Image. I’ll mostly be exposing how using a framework like PureMVC can change how you think and develop an application or website and why we came to choose this particular framework.

I am very excited about this opportunity and I am a bit stressed out at the same time. It’s been a long time since I did a presentation ( back while I was in school) and this is a bit different since I’ll be broadcasting from my desk using a webcam; it will be weird presenting while sat down but I think I’ll do fairly good.

Lastly, I’ve been watching a lot of the TV show The Wire so I hope I don’t slip too much slang words in there.

So again if you want to watch it its tomorrow November 19th at 12h30 (3h30 PST)

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My article on Flash SEO on InsideRIA

Well I wanted to mention that one of my article was posted on InsideRIA. That was a great opportunity for me and I am already thinking about another article I could write for them. There is actually a good story (in my opinion) to tell about this.

I was at first writing a longuer article, about 6 pages or more long, on how Google was indexing Flash content. I was thinking that I could write it at the same pace that I write a post for my blog but I was wrong. I really wanted to write it in a professional way which is a bit different from this blog which I write in a more casual manner. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and when I am pressured to do something I actually end up post-ponning it indefinitively. Well, in the mean time of all this post-ponning, Google changed its algorithm, so my artcile was good for garbage. That was my fault, because I had many occasions to finish my artcile and I just didn’t.

But there was a good side to this story too; if Google changed its algorithm, it means that I could write an article about it. That`s what I did but this time I wrote it in a more casual way and I didn`t care how long it would end up. So it gave: Google changes the way it indexes SWF content. As for now, I will start to try to write a longuer article and we will see where that ends up.

 In the mean time, enjoy my half-done redesign!

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No Comments blog is one year old

Just a quick post to celebrate the fact that today, this blog turns one. I never really knew where this would lead but I can say that I have no regrets and that it blew all my expectations. What I am mostly surprised of is that at school I did not like to write at all and here I am writing weekly on my blog.

In term of stats I wrote 92 posts and received 148 comments.  Each month I receive about 10 000 visits for a grand total of 59 000 visits for the entire year. My goal was to reach 10k visits a month  by January 1st 2009, but I already reached that. I guess I will end up the year with about 12k – 13k visits a month.

In terms of posts,  I think the kind of content I am posting is changing a bit. At first I was mostly posting about some quick fixes I had found to solve a small problem. But more and more I am writing posts explaining some concept. I think that is good, but at the same time those articles take more time to write.

I want to write more than what I did in the last 3 months, because my posting had dropped to less than one a week… A lot of factors explain this, but my blog now stands in my list of priorities. As a matter of fact we might even see a much need redesign soon.

Well stay tuned as this will get better and better.

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