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Donut Charts in AS3

Most of what I write comes from goals that I must achieve through my work and when I search the web to figure out how to do those I find very little information. So usually once I have figured it out I write a post about it. I was looking to create some donut charts which are basically pie charts but with a mask on them to make a hole in the middle. All I could find on the web was solutions that you had to pay for, bundles of charts that looked really bad. So I thought it shouldn’t be that bad to just to them from scratch.

Well I actually didn’t do them from scratch, first I translated some old ActionScript 2 found here to make the donut mask and I used Lee Brimelow wedge class to create the subdivision of the chart. So here are four examples of what you can do with it:


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And here is the code used to create them:

var wedgeVector:Vector.<ChartWedgeInfo> = new Vector.<ChartWedgeInfo>();
wedgeVector.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.3, 0x70ddff));
wedgeVector.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.21, 0x56baec));
wedgeVector.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.3, 0x2b78d2));
_donut1 = new DonutChart(50, 20, 0x1e457a, wedgeVector);
_donut1.x = 60;
_donut1.y = 60;
var wedgeVector2:Vector.<ChartWedgeInfo> = new Vector.<ChartWedgeInfo>();
wedgeVector2.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.5, 0xfca25a));
_donut2 = new DonutChart(40, 10, 0x821626, wedgeVector2);
_donut2.x = 180;
_donut2.y = 60;
_donut3 = new DonutChart(30, 25, 0x56baec);
_donut3.x = 300;
_donut3.y = 60;
var wedgeVector3:Vector.<ChartWedgeInfo> = new Vector.<ChartWedgeInfo>();
wedgeVector3.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.3, 0xfca25a));
wedgeVector3.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.3, 0xfd8332));
wedgeVector3.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.3, 0xde4649));
wedgeVector3.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.3, 0xaa2c34));
wedgeVector3.push(new ChartWedgeInfo(0.3, 0x821626));
_donut4 = new DonutChart(50, 30, 0x821626, wedgeVector3);
_donut4.x = 420;
_donut4.y = 60;

I think it is pretty easy to use. Here are some considerations; if you don’t give in any wedge info, it will just draw a donut, you can give more than 100% for your chart it will just loop, and the chart 0,0 is at the center of the donut. So here you go, you can just download the files below. I think it could be improved a little and there is no options to put labels or anything but it should fit more use cases that way.


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