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A real portfolio and the sources to go with it

Well ya it’s kinda was crazy that I am a Flash dude and that I had an html portfolio. Well that time is over!

Go see my new portfolio here :

Now I am not a designer, so I did my best in that domain and I think I managed pretty well but you know, a designer would still have done better. There are still some tweaks I want to do: add sounds, individual urls for projects, analytics, loading indicators, add dates to projects, etc. I will continue to work on it but I thought it was good enough to show.

I built it using FlashDevelop and compiled using the Flex compiler version 4. I used Flash to make the visuals and exported those as swc to import them in my ActionScript project. I used PureMVC as my framework.

Since this is my project I can do what I always wanted to do and share the sources for it. I tried to comment it a bit and I am not saying that this is how one should code, but I have found that you can learn a great deal by looking at someone else’s code. That is what I am offering to you. You can reuse my code for whatever you want I don’t care, just don’t reuse my logo.

Here are the files:


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