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Visualizing the FWA

Going to the gym makes me want to write. Kinda weird, but kinda makes sense too; tire the body to let the mind flow. Anyway, I have been having this idea for a little while: The FWA has a great load of data but the only available visualization of it is in the profile section where you see the all time list of the agencies that won the most FWA. I mean there could be so many other interesting ways of displaying the data.

I came to think about this because, some of you might know, six months ago I started working at B-Reel NY. At the time that I was looking for a new job, my main benchmark was exactly this profile page; I wanted to work in one of the best agency (or production company) in the world. I think that at the time, B-Reel was 7th or something, just below 2Advanced Studios. Now you see I have nothing against 2Advanced Studios, I think they were amazing in their time and I remember being baffled by their hi-tech interfaces, but I don’t think they are still leaders in the rich experience website area. I mean they won an FWA in 2009 and the one before that is in 2007.

I know that the FWAs are not the end-all be-all metric to determine if an agency is good or not, but for me, as a developer, it sure was my main metric, and it is pretty accessible.

So, what I am proposing is that someone build a data visualization application that would enable the user to create different graphs based on the metrics that are currently being saved in the FWA databases.
These metrics are:

  • Year
  • Agency
  • Town or country
  • Client (not in the database but can be deduced)
  • Front-end Technology (not in the database but can be deduced)

There is a lot of information that you can get out of these metrics; it would be interesting to see which agency was the best in 2009 or 2010, it would be interesting to know which country was the best at a certain year, it would be interesting to notice the rise of HTML5 in 2010, it could be really nice to know which client you can push more because they accepted crazy ideas before.

How to do this? Well the simplest way would be to pay an intern to recreate a database for you by going by hand and redoing the data entry of all the FWAs won. You could also do a script that will scrape the data from the current site, I mean there is an html page under the Flash site. Hell, you could ask Rob Ford himself, I am pretty sure he would willing to give more exposure to the FWA and would give you access to the data (well maybe, I mean, I never talked to the guy).

So, am I ever gonna do this? Nah, I have no time. Would I be happy if someone did it? Hell yeah! It would show the world that I currently work for the best ┬árich web experience production company in the world (haha, yeah I am a bit biased in all this). So here you go, a good idea, go ahead and do it! Please…

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