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It’s A Wonderful Life

It is with great pleasure that I present you the Twist Image holiday card : It’s a wonderful life:  The shameless product placement cut. This year’s version of the card is a video where we incorporated elements of our clients. You get to watch the video and at the end you guess how many insertion we did.

Unlike last year I didn’t get to work on the Twist Image card, because I was working on something else (can’t wait to show that), but I can say that this year card is pretty good. A lot of work as been put on the audio, video and the Flash and it paid off in the end. My only contribution on this project was some troubleshooting to include the SWFAddress library.

So here you go again:

It’s a wonderful life:  The shameless product placement cut.

Well stay tuned because I have a whole lot of other posts coming (I have been doing some cool stuff lately, probably have enough content for a post a day this week!). I’m off to rent the second season of Dexter.

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Finally something I can show – Twist Image Holiday eCard

I didn’t write a lot these past weeks because first it’s the holidays and second because I worked pretty late on making the Twist Image holiday eCard. Basically, it’s a collection of videos that have marked the year 2007 submitted by friends of the Twist Image president Mitch Joel. I had the chance to watch these videos a lot of time and I can say they are all pretty good.

What is nice with this microsite is that I used a lot of new technologies. First and foremost it’s done using flash 9 and ActionScript 3. I also used SWFObject 2.0 and SWFAddress 2.0. You can see the deep linking in action when you go to a URL like this: using SWFAddress it also enabled the use of Google Analytic. Finally I also used Tweener. I wanted to use TweenLite for my preloader but I fad a problem with it and the answer came when the site was already launched. For the snow I used the code from Galaxy Goo.

All in all this was a pretty good project, I wish I would have had more time to perfect it, like making rollover for the scrollbar and adding some sound effects but this was not a client project so it didn’t have priority in the company. Well now I am back working in ActionScript 2 and I can’t wait to get another AS3 project.

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